International Village Shop

A new model for interdisciplinary local cultural production and trans-local and online dissemination.

The International Village Shop (IVS) has been shaped as a collective idea and initiative by four partners since 2004:

  • Artists and Architects collective public works (London, UK)
  • Arts Organisation Grizedale Arts, Lawson Park (Cumbria, UK)
  • Artists group Somewhere (Cumbria, UK and London, UK)
  • Artist initiative (Rotterdam, NL)

The IVS is a shared public platform to develop, produce and exchange cultural produce. It involves individuals and organisations from different cultural backgrounds and addresses a variety of audiences, from local non-art to international art audiences.

ECO-Nomadic School

The nomadic and temporary school for mutual learning and teaching of eco-civic practices in different regions of Europe will reinforce democratic values by the transfer of skills and knowledge on issues of resilience in different urban contexts, involving participants of diverse ages and social and cultural backgrounds.  The project is based on a partnership between 4 organisations already activating in the transmission of ecological skills and knowledge: (AAA-FR, AGENCY/ UoS-UK, MyVillage-AL and FCDL-RO) and takes support from the EU network RHYZOM, in which these partners are involved.

Four exemplary European urban contexts are targeted: metropolitan suburban (FR), post-industrial urban, (UK) suburban rural (AL) isolated rural (Ro).

The project has 3 phases:

I - participative training workshop organised by AAA in the suburban area of Northern Paris, involving students and teachers from SSoA, administrative personnel and local organisations from Colombes, community organisations from Brezoi, specialists and trainers from Rhyzom and My Village to identify possibilities for implementation and explore methods for teaching and learning of ecological practices (ie. eco- and self-building, reuse, recycling, urban agriculture, handcrafts, alternative economy etc.).

II -  mutual teaching and learning through a series of four civic seminars and ‘live projects’ (organised by each partner and involving  the trainees from phaseI which will now act as trainers, local residents and organisations) on issues and practices of everyday life ecology, within the framework of a nomadic classroom in Colombes-Fr, Sheffield-UK, Hofen-Al, Brezoi-Ro

III - dissemination through symposium co-organised by all partners in Paris and involving a number of trainees, which will diffuse eco-civic knowledge, skills and practices at European scale and rise interest within other publics on ecological and civic values + a nomadic exhibition and local distribution of fanzines and leaflets in different languages as well as via the internet.

The ECO-Nomadic School project has received support from the EC lifelong learning programme Grundtvig,

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