2015 - 2017

2011/01/01 — 2013/05/31

Ecole_IG is a two year long european wide knowledge exhanchange programme funded by the EU Erasmus+ Programme. It's six partners will run a local and trans-local workshop programme to nurture intre-generational exhange, trans-local network and local entrepreneurial projects by young Europeans.

The partners are Stiftung Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst in Leipzig (D), Myvillages (NL), University of Sheffield (UK), aaa (F), Brave New Alpes (I) and APTNV (RO). All partners have a long-standing practice and understanding for how to work with local communities and resources in order to generate tangible knowlledge transfer and kick-start local projects with an impact.

Ecole_IG grew out the The Eco Nomadic School network and has linked with with new partners to develop and grow a european wide network of informal knowledge transfer and strengthening local initiatives.

The Eco Nomadic School as an ongoing programme (2011 - 2015) grew out of the Rhyzom fieldtrips and workshops in 2009/10. The programme facilitates mutual teaching and learning through a series of seminars, workshops and live projects organised by each partner of the Eco Nomadic School and in close collaboration with local interest and community groups.

The nomadic and temporary school for mutual learning and teaching of eco-civic practices in different regions of Europe will reinforce democratic values by the transfer of skills and knowledge on issues of resilience in different urban contexts, involving participants of diverse ages and social and cultural backgrounds.  The project is based on a partnership between 4 organisations already activating in the transmission of ecological skills and knowledge: (AAA-FR, AGENCY/ UoS-UK, MyVillage-AL and FCDL-RO) and takes support from the EU network RHYZOM, in which these partners are involved.


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