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BEAUCHAMP / self-sufficient permaculture farm


From ruined buildings, hay fields and neglected vines and woods bought 18 years ago, Beauchamp has come to life again with the help of hundreds of people; first erected as an english community and now run by a small core of persons, they are all gathered both around local and the international WWOOFing networks. All people living here opted for a simple life style, that is affordable to anyone (The cost of a basic living for an average of 5 residents has been around 300 €/person/month), depending as little as possible on outside ressources -except human resource- : the woods provide a sustainable supply of construction and fire wood, dry toilets produce compost for the garden, grey water is processed by a reedbed system that feeds into a pond (which is then pumped to water the gardens), rainwater is harvested from the roof surface, filter and stored… All work done on the farm relies on a gift economy, based on the WWOOF principle ( The group is now arasing other forms of alternative economy: vegetarian restaurant, cultural events, work with horses.

Hosts : Saleda and Bertrand


Association Beauchamp

Association Beauchamp
Montpeyroux, Dordogne, 24610, France
44.9192883 , 0.0559991




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