Cooperative villages / self-managed farms

CARACOLES DE SUC / collective self-managed farm


Gathered around the double will/wish to resist to a dominant/dominating/dominative system (capitalism) and to live collectivelly without following any dogma, religion, hierarchie, the members of Caracoles de Suc form an open and federative collective, connected with the world, the worlds… The name Caracoles refers to the Zappatists movement. The group of 5 to 10 people aims to live from the land (food production) and activities based on it (breeding). Through a rural -extremely isolated- and militant lifestyle, the community produces organic goods -goat cheeses, chickens/eggs, canned food, juces/sirops/jams and fresh vegetables- to be locally consumed or distributed/sold through direct sale networks, local markets and occasionally organic buffets for particular events, avoiding productivism and economical drifts. The site topography/location/configuration and its contraints, combined to ecological/ideological principles lead to water thrifty/saving, non-mecanised, amends and pesticides free, (agri)cultural practices. Cereals (wheat and rye) grown on a plateau (few km away) provide meal/flour to bake their own bread in a traditional wood oven. The community also hosts (with parsimony) other groups and collectives, interested in that kind of dynamics for knowledge exchanges.

Hosts : Valérie, Bernard, Charly, Benjamin, ...


Caracoles De Suc

Caracoles De Suc
Quartier Brunel, St-Fortunat, Ardèche, 07360, France
44.8221662 , 4.6347041




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