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CRAVIROLA / agricultural (agriculturelle) cooperative


The cooperative Cravirola gathers a dozen of persons from various ages and origines, who share values, work and income, to experiment collectively an alternative to the global system, without following any dogma. Both idealistic and pragmatic, the activities which are developped here are: an organic farm producing goat cheese, meat products, bread and vegetables, creative forms of hosting (self-managed camping, 'chantiers solidaires'), various equipments to host cultural and art initiatives. The activities -farm, bakery, camping- ran as a SCOP, are meant to rase an non-speculative economy, creating healthy and qualitative products, in (adequation) with the ecological and social environnement. The income (today 75% breeding/ 25% hosting), dedicated to the valorisation of the site and the development of exchanges, activities, insures the group autonomy rather than its members' wealthyness. The cultural events are ran by the NGO "Culture du Maquis". The third juridical status of Cravirola, and certainly the most atypical, regards the land ownership; together with two other self-managed farms (Caracoles de Suc and Ferme autogérée de la Roya - FAR) they invented an unique land property form, called Terres Communes, wich is officially an SAS (société par action simplifiée) and concretely a tool to prevent agricultural land(s) from speculation and garanty its ecological and sustainable use in the long term.

Contacts / networks : VIA CAMPESINA : // URSCOP (Union régionale des scop) : // RÉSEAU REPAS (Réseau d'échanges et de pratiques alternatives et solidaires): // RELIER (Réseau d'Expérimentations et de Liaisons des Initiatives en Espace Rural) : // TERRES COMMUNES : // FAR (Ferme Autogérée de la Roya) :

Hosts : Axel and Jérémie



Le Maquis, Bois Bas, Minerve, Hérault, 34210, France
43.3664231 , 2.6808668

Self-managed Camping

Self-managed Camping


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