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The Viel Audon village, at the entrance of the Ardèche river, is located at the foot of a limestone cliff in a preserved site, which sole access is a 300m long mule path down the mountain. The village hosts a goat farm, a centre for environmental pedagogy, and a lodging of 20 beds. The neglected village has been bough plots after plots and is now owned by one titular of a 99 years emphyteutic lease. It has been progressively rebuilt through almost 40 years of pedagogical workshops dedicated to young people and -above all- through a great involvement of the initiators of this utopian project led by the unique goal: "to bring the village back to life". Today, the permanent team of the Viel Audon (Association Le MAT), based on the principle of alternating responsibility, coordinates the different activities and acts for a sustainable way of using the site through energy resource saving, waste recycling, organic food production, phytoremediation, etc. This group aims to an innovative pedagogical approach, which take the form of actions for ecological awareness, training programmes to accompany young people in their professional career and International Youth Workshops aiming to develop both self-initiative and collective organisation; producing knowledge in specific fields like traditional stone construction, ecological devices implementation, bread making, organic food production, etc. The youth workshops are above all a social and human experience.

Contacts / Networks : RESEAU REPAS (Réseau d'échanges et de pratiques alternatives et solidaires) : // ECORCE (Réseau d'Echanges pour la Cohérence et la Réflexion dans les Centres d'éducation à l'environnement) :

Hosts : Laurent and Gérard


Association LE MAT

Association LE MAT
Le Viel Audon, Balazuc, 07120, France
44.5091425 , 4.373402

Viel Audon

Viel Audon

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