Fieldtrip Eco Villages Germany

2010/04/23 — 2010/04/26

The trip is visiting three “eco-villages” and one Berlin based cooperative which represent very different aspects and scales of ecological living and production. All initiatives started during the 90ies in areas of the former GDR and have developed their own specific forms of economical and social structures.

The three villages are Brodowin, Gut Stolzenhagen and Siebenlinden. The trip will start in Berlin, with a visit to K77, a self-organised building and housing scheme that came out of squatting the property in the early 90ies in Prenzlauer Berg.

We visit Brodowin and Gut Stolzenhagen during Saturday and come back to Berlin in the evening (aprox. 80 km noth west of Berlin). From there we travel to Siebenlinden on Sunday morning (100 km west), and finish on Monday afternoon.

Fieldtrip Eco Villages

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