Forms of collective organisation in isolated settlements

2010/04/01 — 2010/04/08

This fieldtrip focuses on traditional (and rejuvenated) forms of collective organisation, management and production in a mountain area in Romania. These forms are embedded in particular social, geographic and economic conditions (ie. communities in isolated areas, formed around particular agro-ecological, cultural and spiritual activities - sheep rising and pastoral activities, monastic life, common land management etc.).

Co-organisers with AAA : Asociatia Pro-turism Nedeea Valceana / Obstea Breoienilor

Participants : AAA (Constantin Petcou) - Paris FR / Agency (Doina Petrescu) - Sheffield / FCDL (Mihaela Efrim) - Brezoi / PS2 (Garreth Kennedy) - Belfast / Asociata Pro-Turism Nedeea Valceana (Mircea Onica, Gigi Efrim) - Brezoi

Guests : Fernando Garcia-Dory - Madrid

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Brezoi, Brezoi, Romania
45.3370891, 24.2473143



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