Ecole_IG is a two year long european wide knowledge exhanchange programme funded by the EU Erasmus+ Programme. It's six partners will run a local and trans-local workshop programme to nurture intre-generational exhange, trans-local network and local entrepreneurial projects by young Europeans.

The partners are Stiftung Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst in Leipzig (D), Myvillages (NL), University of Sheffield (UK), aaa (F), Brave New Alpes (I) and APTNV (RO). All partners have a long-standing practice and understanding for how to work with local communities and resources in order to generate tangible knowlledge transfer and kick-start local projects with an impact.

Ecole_IG grew out the The Eco Nomadic School network and has linked with with new partners to develop and grow a european wide network of informal knowledge transfer and strengthening local initiatives.

The Eco Nomadic School as an ongoing programme (2011 - 2015) grew out of the Rhyzom fieldtrips and workshops in 2009/10. The programme facilitates mutual teaching and learning through a series of seminars, workshops and live projects organised by each partner of the Eco Nomadic School and in close collaboration with local interest and community groups.

The nomadic and temporary school for mutual learning and teaching of eco-civic practices in different regions of Europe will reinforce democratic values by the transfer of skills and knowledge on issues of resilience in different urban contexts, involving participants of diverse ages and social and cultural backgrounds.  The project is based on a partnership between 4 organisations already activating in the transmission of ecological skills and knowledge: (AAA-FR, AGENCY/ UoS-UK, MyVillage-AL and FCDL-RO) and takes support from the EU network RHYZOM, in which these partners are involved.


International conference, Sheffield (UK), May 2017

A one day international conference at the School of Architecture/ University of Sheffield coinciding with the launch of the ECOLE_IG manual in printed and final online form.

This event will be widely advertised and promoted and will be a conclusive public event to present, discuss and develop the outcomes from ECOLE_IG within the context of an international conference of professionals and experts from the field of education, active citizenship and resilience building, participatory and inter-generational strategies within education and regeneration, cross-cultural development in rural and urban areas and experts on new social and co-operative entrepreneurship.

This event will also be part of the University's intrenationally reknowned research programme and activities, and will be delivered by the Building Local Resilience Research Platform within the Architecture and Design Activism Programme.

The conference is key to the projects dissemination strategy for the ECOLE_IG Manual and will secure an effective and strategic dissemination to key researchers and practitioners and their associated professional networks.

The event will also be accompanied targeted promotional work for the printed Manual, clearly communicating it's content, relevance and availability.

Manual for Local Inter-generational Resilience and Innovation, April 2016

A user-friendly manual explaining and demonstrating international communal and inter- generational learning and socio-economic capacity building programmes (including the six local ECOLE_IG learning blocks) with the aim to stimulate and facilitate their replication by others.

The manual will describe the different methodologies involved, from mapping local traditions and resources, to setting up specific learning programmes, engaging local communities and turning results into practice.
Both the on-line and the printed manual will be clearly structured, multilingual, of highest design and printing quality and easily accessible for a multitude of reader and organisations.

Seminar, Leipzig (DE), December 2016


Strategies and realities of making art part of everyday knowledge exchange

GfZK Leipzig invites you to a two day seminar as part of Ecole_IG

2nd and 3rd  December 2016
GfZK, Leipzig, Germany


Community Economies Research and Resource Centre, Rovereto (IT), 18-23 October 2016

COMUNfARE explores what it means to live in common, through investigations across Europe and the development of proposals for a site in Northern Italy. During the week in Rovereto, we will work on establishing a community-based research-and-resource centre through which to intervene -- locally and trans-locally, through ideas and production -- in the realms of commons and community economies.

Treasures of Beesterzwaag Workshop, Friesland (NL), July 2016

Goal: General learning about the cultural history and village life in this part of Friesland with a focus on maintained and new local production in the Opsterland area. Our learning methods are oral history, representation of the local, storytelling and the sharing of production skills. The final two days we were also a part of the Art and Craft weekend Beetsterzwaag – which is a local event run by volunteers in the village. We presented an International Village Shop with special made and gathered local produce and made a meeting room in Kunsthuis SYB were we exchanged ideas and knowledge with a broader audience.

Languages: Frisian, Dutch, English and German.

Odaja Culture and Traditional Skills, Brezoi (RO), 5-9 May 2016

The main theme for the five day workshop is Wool Processing and Traditional Wood Tiles.

We'll have a step-by-step workshop and will practice all elements of the wool processing activity, from the live sheeps sheering to weaving carpets and clothing items or building insulation.

We will have live demonstrations, experts explanations and museum guided tour.

Interstizi Reattivi, Rovereto (IT), May to December 2016

During a series of 6 weekends, between May and December 2016, we are visiting bottom-up initiatives of self-organised economies such as around food production, housing, cultural production. On Saturday, we go on fieldtrips to visit intiatives in Northern Italy and Austria, while on Sundays we run workshops to collectively develop each participants project idea.

Agricultual Pasts and Futures, Leipzig (DE), September 2015

Ecole_IG at GfZK, Leipzig
03. – 07. September 2015

Agricultural Pasts and Futures


The five day workshop programme looks specifically at youg  professionals who work in an agricultural context, addressing four of the main Ecole_IG topics:


- Need to GROW LOCAL COMPETENCE for all generations with a focus on young people



The activities, fieldtrips and discussions during the workshop aims to bridge traditional agricultural methods and identities with contemporary ambitions and technologies.

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