Live Project: EcoRoof, Paris, 2009

2009/10/02 — 2009/10/30

The ECOroof Live  Project explored urban food production, ecology, self-managed architecture and collaborative working methods. Part of the RHYZOM network, the ECOroof was developed  by a team of 6 students in collaboration with aaa and in connection with aaa’s Rurban strategy for Paris which is an attempt to sustain local resilience by developing and sometimes connecting existing complementary activities through short ecological cycles. This live projectLive Project was meant to involve students in a collaborative working situation in which they explore issues related to the implementation of such a strategy through the realisation of a prototype for a community which desires to grow food within their own building and distribute it locally. The role of the Rhyzom partner was different here than in the other live projectsLive Projects: aaa was more a collaborator and mediator rather than a client. 

The ECOroof was located on the roof terrace of a building formerly belonging to the French Electric Company (EDF), currently occupied by ‘le Cent’ - a self-managed art centre situated in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, which provides space and support for professional and amateur artists without selection process .  The artists using Le Cent were keen to improve the comfort of their working spaces and the quality of their living conditions and had decided to grow their own food.  They Live Project became as such ‘the client’ of the live project. Part of the live projectbecame as such ‘the client’ of the Live Project. Part of the Live Project brief was to involve students in organising the participation of Le Cent’ s users (artists, public and staff) at the conception and realisation of prototypes of several green devices  such as rainwater collectors, composting facilities, garden modules, etc. The roof facility was  conceived to help closing a number of ecological cycles in the building, mainly related to food, energy and water, and contribute to this self-managed community becoming more ecological.


100 rue de Charenton, Paris, 75012
48.8475894911226, 2.3770165443

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